Postgrad Life Begins

Hello! Last week I got to reenact at least a little bit of my long-abandoned fresher lifestyle during my Intro Week as a new member of Graduate College. Today marks the first day of my studentship at CASS, and the first day of the next four years of my academic career! Though I’ve been working here for most of the summer anyway, I’m very excited to get back into a more lively routine by attending lectures, seminars and the like. This term I’ll be taking three MA courses in the Department of Linguistics and English Language:

Introduction to Discourse Studies,


and, surprise surprise,

Corpus Linguistics!

I’ll also be taking an MSc module in the Department of Psychology all about statistics (scary, I know!).

Whether I survive the stats or not, I’m preparing myself for a busy term of work not only on these modules but on the projects I’m still working on from the summer. Lots of writing and reading to be done!

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