Broadcast media

The compilation of the Spoken BNC2014 has gained substantial media attention and I have appeared on various media broadcasts to discuss the project.

After the launch of the project in 2014 I was interviewed by Sky News. Watch it here.

Other appearances include:

  • BBC World Service
  • Talk Radio Europe
  • BBC Radio 4
  • Sky Radio
  • Classic FM
  • Today FM
  • Voice of Russia
  • Newstalk
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • Radio New Zealand
  • BBC Radio London
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire
  • BBC Radio Lancashire
  • BBC Radio Three Counties
  • BBC Radio Devon

Print media

I have also been quoted about my research in The Times and The Daily Mail, among other print media.

Blogs and articles

I have also written articles for Cambridge University Press’ World of Better Learning website (2017, 2016), ESRC’s blog (2017), ESRC’s Britain In… magazine (2016, 2015), English & Media Centre’s Emagazine (2018, 2015), The Conversation (2015, 2014), ESRC’s Society Now magazine (2014) and Macmillan Dictionary (2014).


In 2018 I was interviewed for a podcast by the University of Leeds’ Centre for Language Education Research (CLER). I discussed my work on the Spoken BNC2014 project. Listen here:


In 2018 I was interviewed by All About Corpora, where I discussed my academic journey so far and reflected on my own experiences of academia so far, including the jobs market and mental health. Listen here:


In 2013 I was interviewed by Lancaster University where I discussed my experience of studying at the Department of Linguistics and English Language. Watch here: