CorpusCast is the podcast about corpus linguistics and what it can do for society. Join Dr Robbie Love as he speaks with top researchers in the field to find out more about how corpus linguistics – the study of linguistic patterns in large samples of language – is applied in a diverse range of contexts including education, health and technology. CorpusCast is an official Aston University podcast, part of the Aston Originals series. New episodes are published on the first Wednesday of every month.

CorpusCast is available on the following platforms:

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CorpusCast is written and hosted by Robbie Love – Co-Director of Aston Corpus Linguistics Research Group – and produced by Sam Cook, Press and Communications Manager at Aston University.

CorpusCast is featured on the Superlinguo list of linguistics and language podcasts.

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Episode 1 | Social Justice

  • Guest: Professor Paul Baker

Episode 2 | Health Communication

  • Guest: Professor Elena Semino

Episode 3 | Language Education

  • Guest: Professor Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Episode 4 | Forensic Linguistics

  • Guests: Professor Tim Grant & Dr Lucia Busso

Episode 5 | Marginalised Voices

  • Guest Dr Mark Nartey

Episode 6 | Aviation Communication

  • Guests: Professor Eric Friginal, Dr Malila Prado and Andrew Schneider

Episode 7 | Computational Humanities

  • Guest: Professor Stephanie Evert

Episode 8 | Researching Discrimination

  • Guest: Dr Mark McGlashan

Episode 9 | The Corpus MOOC

  • Guest: Professor Tony McEnery

Episode 10 | Literary Linguistics

  • Guest: Professor Michaela Mahlberg

Episode 11 | Legal Interpretation

  • Guests: Professor Ute Römer and Professor Clark D. Cunningham

Episode 12 | TV Dialogue and Screenwriting

  • Guest: Professor Monika Bednarek

Episode 13 | Online Communication

  • Guests: Dr Dawn Knight and Dr Anne O’Keeffe

Episode 14 | The Survey of English Usage

  • Guest: Professor Bas Aarts

Episode 15 | Political Discourse

  • Guest: Dr Kwabena Sarfo Sarfo-Kantankah

Episode 16 | Language Acquisition

  • Guest: Dr Phoebe Lin

Episode 17 | Academic Writing

  • Guest: Dr Kevin Jiang

Upcoming episodes

Linguistics with a Corpus

  • Guests: Dr Jesse Egbert & Dr Tove Larsson