I teach a range of topics in the fields of English Language and Linguistics.

Aston University (2020-)

I am a Lecturer in English Language at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Aston University. Currently I teach:

LE1104 Practical Applications of Language Description (UG 1st year)
LE2101 Crime Fiction (UG 2nd year)
LE2118 Advanced Topics in Sociolinguistics (UG 2nd year)
LE2120 Language in the News Media (UG 2nd year)
LE3115 Multimodal Analysis (UG 3rd year)

In addition, I currently co-supervise three PhD students:

  • Darren Perrett (University of Leeds; 2018-; lead supervisor Dr Matt Homer)
  • Polina Gavin (Aston University; 2020-; lead supervisor Dr Marcello Giovanelli)
  • Chris Walker (Aston University; 2020-; lead supervisor Dr Marcello Giovanelli)

University of Leeds (2018-2020)

I was a Research Fellow in Applied and Corpus Linguistics at the School of Education, University of Leeds. I taught on modules on English language description for TESOL (1st year UG), analysing language (PG), corpus linguistics in the classroom (PG) and investigating language for TESOL (PG).

Lancaster University (2014-2017)

I was an Associate Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University. I led seminars on modules on linguistics (1st year UG), linguistic typology (2nd year UG), corpus-based English language studies (3rd year UG) and research methods in corpus linguistics (PG).